Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #260 8/6/2014

Question: What is A+ certification?


Have you ever noticed many places that repair computers have signs about A+ certification?

A+ certification is a certification that computer repair technicians can get that says that a certification agency, CompTIA, says they know computer repair.

CompTIA offers a number of certifications with many having a plus sign, like Server+, Network+ and others. To get the certifications you have to pass tests. I was originally certified as A+ in 1997 and got it again in 2008. Mine are lifelong certifications. How they came up with the name A+ for the certification in the 1990s I do not know.

The A+ certification requires passing of two tests. One of the tests is hardware oriented. This test asks questions on how to put together computers and replace components. The second part is on software with most questions aimed at the operating system with current tests asking mainly about Windows 7 and 8. The tests are mostly multiple choice questions but they are adding more simulation questions

You do not have to have specific training to take the tests but they cost about $186 each. Technical colleges offer training to prepare you to take the tests. Private computer training firms also offer training and you can find books and materials online.

A person that is A+ certified has shown through the test to CompTIA they have the basic knowledge to repair computers. CompTIA constantly updates the tests and new people passing the exam have to renew their certification every three years.