Dwight Watt - Newspaper article #26 9/23/2009

Question: Can I Use Office 2007 without a mouse using shortcuts?


Yes. Office 2007 can be run without a mouse. Previous versions could also.

In Office 97 thru 2003 if you wanted to go to the menus without the mouse you could press CTRL with the first letter of the menu or designated letters for a lot of the options. In Office 2007 most of these still work as shortcuts but will not get to the menus. For instance I use CTRL and C to copy and CTRL and V to paste often.

In Office 2007 if you press the ALT key you will see letters and numbers appear in squares above the ribbon tabs and shortcuts. Then you can go in them using the appropriate letter. If you typed an h with then showing, (not clicking square with mouse) you will then see letters appear for most of the options on the Home ribbon.

These can be good shortcuts for those who prefer to keep hands on the keyboard and not move their hand often to the mouse.

These will work in Office 2007 including Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.

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