Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #259 7/30/2014

Question: My web pages will not open but I am on the Internet?


The problem was that the person could connect to the Internet, but they could not open any web pages.

The network connection showed they were connected to the Internet and this confirmed when they tried pinging an Internet address. Pings are run at command prompt (you can start it by typing cmd in the search box at the Start menu. You will get a DOS type prompt. Then type ping and an address so you could do ping www.dwightwatt.com If your machine has connectivity it will replied back with time and bytes. If failed it will say timed out. The ping just sends a hello packet and sees if other machine says hello back.

In this case the ping worked. That meant there was a problem in Windows. The Winsock keeps track of web page information and addresses. Apparently the table Winsock keeps got corrupted. Several years ago there was malware that would cause the same problem and solution was the same.

The Winsock table needs re-building. The commands to do this are both run at command prompt. The first command is netsh winsock reset catalog The second command may not need run but I always do and it fixes the TCP/IP stack and is netsh int ip reset reset.log After running these restart windows and your web pages should work fine.

Thanks Tara for the question