Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #257 7/16/2014

Question: How do I fix USB exceeded current status?


The problem was that when the computer booted up it displayed the message “USB device over current status detected will shut down in 15 seconds” and shut down in 15 seconds.

Obviously the problem had something to do with USB ports but the only items in USB were keyboard and mouse as had been prior. Disconnecting them made no difference.

The problem calling this was one of the USB ports on the front of the computer had been physically damaged and it was shorting on itself.

The solution was to go in the computer after turning off the power and disconnecting the cable from the front USB ports to the motherboard. It is marked as USB on the motherboard and you can follow wire to the front.

If it had been one of the USB ports on the back disabling it in the BIOS may have fixed it or you may have to get a new motherboard.

In this case it just meant no USB ports on front or going and buying and installing new USB ports on front or add a USB hub plugged in back laying on front.

Thanks Phillip and Riley for the question.