Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #240 2/26/2014

Question: What is a URL?


A URL is an address for a web page on the Internet. That is the name of the page like the URL for my web page is www.dwightwatt.com

The URL is a name that is in words that the website has. The URL may be more that the domain name depending on whether you are looking for the main page on the web site or a specific page. For instance on my web site if you wanted to go to my articles page you could enter www.dwightwatt.com/articles for the URL and you will go to my articles page and not my main page.

URL is acronym for Universal Resource Locator. It is used with DNS (Domain Name System) to locate pages or web sites on the World Wide Web on the Internet.

The URL is similar to your address. By telling someone your address they then can find your house. By knowing and using the URL you can find and use a website.

The URL is usually the domain name (you can buy those from domain name providers like godaddy.com and racknine.com) but can be the domain name and the specific page at a web site.