Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #213 8/14/2013

Question: How do I print an email in Outlook.com?


Outlook.com is the latest name Microsoft has given their online email service. Previous names were msn.com and Hotmail. Your msn.com and Hotmail.com email addresses still work, just they now use Outlook.com If you get a free address from Microsoft now it will be outlook.com

In the other email services (Yahoo and Gmail) printing an email is simple. In yahoo go to actions and print message is the first option. In Gmail there is a printer icon at the top of the message to print emails.

In Outlook.com it will be one of two ways. There may be an actions menu at top and clicking on it will give the option to print. However in most Outlook.com accounts I have seen, actions is not there. Instead there are three dots () at the top of the message and clicking on that will give the print option.

Microsoft has really confused people about what email program they use with the Outlook name. Outlook.com is the product used on the web for free accounts that now end in Outlook.com but may end in msn.com or Hotmail.com Outlook Express was a program included with previous versions of Windows to allow you to manage your different email accounts from different places. This was a different product that Outlook.com

Outlook is a full personal management system including email, calendar, tasks, and more that is a part of Office to use commercial email systems. When I check my email at work it uses Outlook. Outlook is a totally different program than Outlook Express and Outlook.com I do not know why Microsoft likes using the same word for three different things.