Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #198 5/1/2013

Question: Where do I find scanning software for my scanner?


Quite often we are given a scanner but we do not get the disks or CDs that came with it. On those CDs would be located the drivers and programs to use with t scanner to get it to do the scanning we want to do.

The first place to go to get the scanning software is to go to the manufacturer’s website. Usually you will find it there by looking in software, support o drivers. Know what the model number is of your scanner first as you will need to put that in to get the correct software, You can find the model number on the label on the bottom of the scanner where it also has the serial number.

If you do not find the software there Hamrick Software sells a program that that will work with many different scanners. It also has features that may not be in your scanner software, so if you do have the scanning software you may want to try Vue Scan by Hamick software also. I have tried it with my HPO G4050 scanner and it works faster than the HP software and fixes the pictures better. Vue scan does a good job of removing red from pictures (sometimes does not work) and restoring colors to faded slides and prints. It does scans high resolution well.

Vue Scan is continuously updated for more scanners. I would recommend trying the free trial version first and see if it works. The trial version has all the options of the professional version except it watermarks the pictures with the company name. Vue Scan has been around since 1998 and is available at www.hamrick.com