Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #188 2/20/2013

Question: What is Java and JavaScript?


Java and JavaScript are languages used on the computer. They are different programs but similar names. The recent security problems with Java were well publicized and had to do with Java and not JavaScript

JavaScript is used in webpages to create a lot of effects and to do additional capabilities. Web programmers use JavaScript in lots of webpages. It is actually a scripting language and not a programming language as JavaScript code must be run inside another program.

Java is a full computer language that is used to develop programs used on the computer and various computer devices. It runs on all types of electronic devices and many programs to control devices are written in Java. It is an advanced computer language that was developed by Sun and is now owned by Oracle. Java is an object oriented language which means different parts of programs developed in it relate to other objects and not being a language that always does stuff in a specific set of ordered steps. It works more like we humans really think and work.

As a user you usually are not aware that what you are doing is using Java or JavaScript unless you have security levels set high on your browser then you are often warned about JavaScript scripts running. Usually it is safe to run JavaScript scripts. Scripts are just small segments of computer language code.

You will get regular notices of updates need made to Java and if you are not running the current version of Java and it wants to update I would encourage you to do so, then you will have the security patched version.