Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #184 1/23/2013

Question: How do I change my home page?


Your home page is the page that initially displays when you start your web browser such as Internet Explorer. You have the ability to change it. Sometimes when you are installing something you donít notice they had a check box that was checked to change it to something it likes. Other times we want to look at a different page or we donít like the one that came with our PC.

To change your home page in Internet Explorer you will go to Tools on the menu bar in Internet Explorer. Then you will choose Internet Options at the bottom of the list. In the box at the top that is labeled Home Page you will type the web address of the page you want as your home page. For instance I use www.dwightwatt.com there, and many people put either www.google.com or www.yahoo.com there. If you are currently showing the page you want as your home page you can just click the Use Current button and it will put the address automatically there. The Use Blank button will give you a blank home page. Then click OK to close the box.

The next time you start Internet Explorer you will now see the new home page. If while you are browsing the Internet you ever want to go back to your home page the short cut is to press the home button which looks like a house.

Thanks Doris for the question.