Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #183 1/16/2013

Question: How do I get file names to appear with my pictures?


Often times when people hook their camera to their PC to see the pictures and either send or move to their computer only the pictures show in the listing. If you want to change to just see the file names you can click the box at the top to choose to show the file names. However sometimes you can either get the pictures (thumbnails) or the file names but not both together or you get both and only want the picture. These directions work for seeing the file names with the pictures whether connected to the camera or on a disk drive.

The following will work in Windows XP. To fix this you are going to just change a switch that causes the files to show both the name and the pictures is change to a different type form of showing, which can be details, or listing. To do that change, click the button at the top of the file listing (get there by going to Computer and then to the folder where the files are on the correct drive) that looks like two little boxes and lines beside (hovering over it says Change your view) and choose in the drop down selection. Now you only see names of the files (and other information if chose details).

Now hold the shift button down while you choose the same button and choose thumbnails. Now you will see the small picture and the name of the files. Doing this when you see file names will remove them.

In Windows Vista just right click in an unused area of the folder showing and choose to hide (or unhide by unchecking) file names.

In Windows 7 click on View in the Menu and you will have an option to hide file names (or by unchecking unhide names).

Thanks Shari for the question.