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Question: How do I install a font in Vista?

You could have been sent a font to use or downloaded a font. Now how do you install it in Vista so it will appear in your list of fonts in your word processing program or other programs?

Fonts are kept in the C:\windows\fonts folder, however that folder is read only and some system administrators stop you from viewing it also. However installing the font is relatively simple.

First save the font file somewhere you will remember for the rest of the steps and is simple to browse to. I suggest the root (top most) folder on C drive. Once you finish, you can delete it from there.

Next go to Control Panel. Most people go to Control Panel by clicking the Start button and then choosing Control Panel from the left list. There are other ways to it.

If you are using Control Panel in the default normal view choose Appearance and Personalization, and then Fonts. If you view Control Panel in Classic view choose Fonts.

Right click somewhere in the list of installed fonts (this is actually the same list you would see if you went to c:\windows\fonts) choose Install New Font on the pop-up menu. Now at the bottom of the box that appears find the folder you saved the font in. The font will now be listed in the box at top of the screen (name of the font, not the name of the font file), highlight it by clicking it and click the Install button.

You are now finished and you can close the windows and the font will be on your list of fonts.

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