Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #173 10/31/2012

Question: How do I remove a program from my PC?


You will remove programs from Windows on a PC by using an install process. You canít just go in and delete the files that the program runs from. When you install a program not only are the files that are the program installed on your PC but other files in other locations may also be installed and entries are made in the registry that tell Windows how to run the program. We want to remove all of those and the uninstall process will remove them.

These directions are for Windows 7 and the steps for Windows XP and Vista are very similar so that you can follow these. First go to Control Panel. Assuming you are on the default appearance of Control Panel you will choose Uninstall a Program which is in the Programs group (if you are using classic Control Panel then you will choose Programs and Features).

Now you will choose the program that you want to remove. Then either right click the name and choose Uninstall or click the name and look at the top of the list and choose the choice to Uninstall.

From this point on it will vary by program but normally the directions are clear. In some cases you may get a choice to uninstall, repair or add features. Others will ask what features you want to uninstall and you will choose appropriately. The process of doing the uninstall may take less than a minute or for more complex programs may take several minutes.

When the process is finished you may be requested to reboot (restart) your computer. If so, do that. You will have uninstalled the program and it should no longer appear anywhere or be using resources on your PC.