Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #169 10/3/2012

Question: How do I stop Windows from asking me permission to make changes on my PC?


The messages or pop-up boxes that request permission to make changes on your computer are called User Account Control or UAC. This was introduced in Windows Vista as a way that people could stop malware from doing damage to their PC. However the problem is that when any program wants to change a file on the PC, whether the user ran it, or it was run from another program the message appears. This then irritates you, the user, as you said to run the program and you knew it would make changes, so why ask you. It is sorta like buying a car wash and then the car wash asking before it starts ”do you want your car to get wet?”

Windows 7 has improved the UAC so it does not ask you as often but it still is too much for many people.

To change how often you see UAC messages go to Control Panel. Then go to System and Security. Now choose Change User Account Control Settings in Action Center. The slider in the left will probably be in the next to top position. Move it down one position. You can move to the bottom and get no messages, but you will never know when changes are occurring. I would suggest trying the next to bottom position and if still not happy, moving it to the bottom position. Then click OK and close Control Panel.

Now you will receive fewer UAC pop-up boxes asking your permission to make changes on your computer with programs you run.

Thanks Lynn for the question.