Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #157 7/11/2012

Question: How do I move my programs and data to my new PC?


If you just want to move your data from your old PC to your new PC there are several programs available to do this. You will connect the two computers using either a crossover Ethernet cable (the one you usually connect your PC to the router/modem is a straight thru Ethernet cable) or a crossover USB cable. You can then either copy the files from one PC to the other or you can use Windows Easy Transfer (which is a part of Windows 7 in Accessories) or a commercial program. You could also copy the data to a thumb USB drive or CD/DVD and then copy off the thumb USB drive or CD/DVD on the new machine.

If you want to transfer your programs also there is only one program I know that will do this. The other programs just transfer data and settings in Windows. You cannot just copy the programs like data as they make entries in the registry when they are installed that are required to run the programs. If you still have the original programs on the media they came on you could reinstall each on the new PC.

Laplink makes a program called PCMover that will transfer your .programs and data and settings from your old PC to your new PC. This program is available most places that sale software (programs) including computer stores, Wal-Mart, office supply stores and others. The program can only be used to copy from one PC to another PC. You cannot use it again for another transfer. I have used the program for several years and it works well. You will first get your new PC set up including any installation of Windows 7 needing done. You will install PCMover on one machine and then on the other and the program normally includes a crossover USB cable to connect the PCs. The directions are good and lead your thru and assume you are not a computer expert. It will transfer programs from previous versions of Windows (XP and Vista being the most common people do) to Windows 7. It does take a while to run the transfer depending on how much is on your old PC, but my experience is that it works well at transferring programs. I used it two years ago to move from my 32 bit PC running Windows XP to a 64 bit quad core processor PC running Windows 7 and it worked well. I have used it for other people also

Once you transfer everything I would recommend you keep your old machine for a while in case you discover something did not transfer.

You will then find everything is on your new machine and that is what makes many hesitant to get a new machine. You may well be amazed how much faster your new machine is