Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #148 5/2/2012

Question: How do I get my pictures off my cell phone?


Almost all better cell phones today include a camera built in them. Many of these camera cell phones take good quality pictures with them often ranging from 5 megapixels to 10 megapixels (the number of dots in a picture and mega is million).

Now you can whip out your camera and take a picture. You can view the picture on the camera.

How to get the picture off the camera and on your PC so you can print it or store on a CD/DVD or work with it like your other pictures. Basically there are two ways. One is using a USB cable and the second is sending the picture to you.

You can hook a USB cable up between your camera and your PC (if a cable did not come with the cell phone make sure you have the cell phone with you when buying a cable as the mini USB end comes in several sizes and you need the correct one for your cell phone. The larger end is standard. Plug the cable in to the phone and PC and have the phone on. You will see an additional disk drive on your PC and you can go in teat drive and copy and paste or drag and drop the picture files to a folder on our PC.

The second way is to send the pictures to yourself. You can either email them or send them as email thru a text message and they will appear a attachments in your email on your computer and just download and save on the PC. Warning. If you send them as email thru a text message many cell phones I have found only send a thumbnail (small picture) instead of the full size. The size of the picture should be 1 meg or bigger on most phones. If it is only 150K (thousand) then only the thumbnail was sent. When ever I specifically send a email message from my cell phone to send the picture it goes thru full size. The larger the picture file the better quality your prints will be and the better it will look on your PC screen.

Thanks Josh for the question

Thanks Michelle and Evelyn for teaching me details about cell phones