Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #137 2/15/2012

Question: How do I find the product key for a program on my PC?


Sometimes when you know you will b re-installing a program or install it on another machine (read your user agreement and it may allow being installed on multiple machines) you want to find what product key you have.

Ideally you recorded the product key (also called CD key or serial number) when you installed the program and can just look it up. However often people do not record it or lose where they recorded it.

Sometimes you can find it by going to Help in the program and choosing About program name and it will give it to you. That does not always work.

Belarc is a program that will look at your entire computer and tell you what all the hardware and software is on it. It will also look at each of the programs and usually tell you what the product key is for each program. Belarc Advisor is a free (for personal use) program on the Internet at http://www.belarc.com/free_download.html It has been around a number of years. I use it to get a summary of my machine every so often. It will tell you memory and disk space also.

Thanks Laura for the question.