Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #134 1/25/2012

Question: How do I clean the screen on my computer?


Computer screens pick up dirt naturally and also stuff getting on them. The screens are sensitive to being scratch so we do want to be careful in cleaning them.

Most people today are using LCD screens (flat screens), although some people are still using older CRT screens. The older CRT screens attracted dust and need wiping regularly with a damp (just water) cloth or a cleaning cloth to remove the dust layer.

The LCD screens do not attract dust but they are often touched and stuff does splash on them. There are two ways to clean them.

The first is to go buy screen cleaning pads that will clean them and will dry in a clean matter. This works well.

The second is cheaper and used by many. You can use a soft cloth that has been dampened with water to clean the screen. Donít use a hard cloth as it may scratch. Likewise try it first with just s water damp cloth. If you need something stronger use a mild soap on the cloth. Stay with a mild soap an not a pot cleaning soap to avoid scratches. After wiping with the soapy cloth then use a soft cloth just dampened with water to rinse it off. If you want to dry use a soft cloth.

Donít use a real wet cloth as you do not want getting water in the computer or in the back of the monitor screen as water will short out the parts.

Thanks Felicia for the question.