Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #132 1/11/2012

Question: What are sticky and filter keys?


Sticky keys and filter keys are accessibility options in Windows to make computers better usable by being with certain disabilities in using keyboards.

Sticky keys are the ability to use one finger (or could be a stick) to press one key at a time and still use SHIFT, ALT and CTRL functions. When activated this allows you to press and release the SHIFT key and then press the H key separately and get a capital H. To activate sticky keys press and hold the SHIFT, CTRL or ALT key down and hold it down fro several seconds.

Filter keys is the ability to press and key real quick and be ignored or hold it down for several seconds and it only is picked up as one key stroke. To activate this press the SHIFT key and hold down for about 8 seconds.

You can also activate sticky keys and filter keys by going to Accessibility Options in Control Panel and checking the boxes there. To deactivate these features go to the same location and uncheck the boxes.

Thanks to Pat and Wade for the question.