Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #129 12/7/2011

Question: What is mobile web?


Mobile web is a feature on lower end smart phones. It is a limited Internet service

With regular smart phones you have full Internet Web capabilities. You can do the same stuff on your smart phone with full web services as on your PC or laptop. Many web pages are designed so thy will work better on the small screen but the only limitation is the small screen.

Mobile web is a limited Internet service that is included with the cheaper version of cell/Internet service. The unlimited plans offered by StraightTalk, Verizon and others is usually offering mobile web and not full web. The first thing is that they are offering you limited bandwidth or speed for the connection. The second is that pages only display part of the page and basically split pages in smaller pages so you have to click thru them instead of just being one page.

The unlimited plans that offer mobile web are the plans you see that are often pre-pay and cost about $45-50 a month for unlimited test, talk and web.

With some companies like StraightTalk they will tell you that the plans only work on their specific phones. Other companies it is hard to determine. Verizon will tell you if you call them that their $50 a month unlimited pre-pay plan will work on the pre-pay phones and that it also works on certain other phones. However when I visited their store to change my Blackberry (or get another smart phone) to the pre-pay plan, they stated the pre-pay plan will only work on the specific four pre-pay phones. When I had them talk to support who told me it would work on others they then claimed support misunderstood me and thought I was talking about just an unlimited prepay data plan for $50 a month. Which is odd in that I had a $30 a month unlimited plan on the plan I was on, why would I want to pay $20 more for same service? And that they had been clear we were talking the unlimited data, voice and text. I was not satisfied with the service I received in Fort Oglethorpe and have stayed with StraightTalk although I loved the way my BlackBerry handled my email and texts together.

Thanks to Michelle for having giving me the idea for this article as she and I had learned what mobile web is together. I have great memories of us using computers and cell phones.