Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #125 11/2/2011

Question: What do I do when I get an email wanting security information?


If you get an email from your Internet provider or bank or credit card company or phone company, they know your name and account number and they will put it in the email and also may include some digits in account number.

If the email says you need to update your login information or provide security information and has a link to do it, it is not from them. Especially if the return address is not their domain (I just got one from supposedly Verizon Wireless but address it was from was like vetch.com) or your name appears no where or your email provider is nice enough to tell you it was sent as a BCC

These emails are phishing for your security information such as passwords, account numbers and social security information. They will then get your money or misuse your information.

I suspect if an email was sent out saying it was from Social Security and they were needing to confirm social security numbers a number of people would respond giving name and social security number as if Social Security did not know them

Be safe and just trash these messages.