Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #118 9/7/2011

Question: How do I update a device driver?


Device drivers occasionally need updated. Unless you are having a problem with the device you do not need to usually update the device driver. The manufacturer of the device (printer, scanner, camera, disk drive, etc) will update their drivers to get the devices to run better or when the device will not run properly with the operating system (Windows 7, Vista, etc).

To update the driver first go to the Internet. Go to the manufacturer’s web site and see if there are updated drivers for your device available. If so, download the driver. You can also find drivers on some websites such as cnet.com and drdriver.com

Next right click on Computer (My Computer in Windows XP) which is either on your desktop or in the Start menu. Choose properties. Choose Device Manager and find your device. They are grouped by type and then show under the type when you click on plus sign. Double click the device and a separate box opens. Choose the Driver tab and then click Update Driver. If you downloaded the driver browse for it and choose it and install.

You can also find a new driver by doing the steps in the previous paragraph and instead of browsing in the last sentence, choose to automatically install and it will search the computer and then the Internet for a newer driver.

Once you have installed a new driver you will need to re-start your computer.