Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #110 7/13/2011

Question: How do attach pictures in Yahoo email?


Attaching pictures in Yahoo email is fairly straight forward.

Create a new email message. Then click on the button that says Attach Files. Now you will click the first Browse button which will open a standard windows box to open files. Find the picture on your computer and then click the Open button. Now the address of where the file is on your computer appears by File 1. If you have more pictures to attach then do the same using File2 and 3 and 4.

Once you do that then click the button at top that reads Attach Files. This step may take a little time as it is attaching the pictures. Now finish your e-mail and click send and it will include the pictures.

Many of you are using Yahoo email whether with a standard Yahoo email account or where your email provider has moved to Yahoo email like At&T and Bellsouth.

You can use the same steps to attach any other type documents to your emails. There is one limitation in that the total size of your attachments can be no bigger than 25 meg which for most people is 5 or more pictures.