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#93 - Various observations on various subjects 3/27/2003

#93 - Various observations on various subjects (Watt Thoughts)

As we have watched the peace protest through out world, I wonder where have they been. They are protesting against USA and Britain leading this armed conflict against Iraq. Where were they when Iraq attacked the Kurds, Kuwait, Iran and their own people? Was not each of those war, and did not civilians die?

In August the state of Georgia put up permanent barriers (similar to bars at railroad crossings) at each of exits on eastern end of I-16 to be able to make traffic one way in a hurricane. This will be helpful in an evacuation. However now they are taking down a number of them to widen ramps. They knew then they would do widening so why to close to new width?

Instead of claiming we want democracy in other nations, lets be fully truthful claim what we want is to have a democratic republic, not a democracy in these places. The USA is not a democracy, never has been, but it is a democratic republic.

Recently we followed the unfortunate failed double translate for the Mexican young lady at Duke. Twice the transplant was done, but yet the family refused to allow any usable organs in her body to be used for transplants to someone else. They should have willingly given those organs after all trouble they went to, to get her transplant organs. Maybe Congress should consider a law that says if you are a transplant recipient, then you are automatically an organ donor.

I have heard for a number of years that we must do something to rescue Social Security which is funded through payroll taxes, not income taxes or it will fail before I retire. Now many of those same politicians and lobbyists are arguing that we need to curt payroll taxes to revive economy. If we cut the payroll taxes, is that not going to bring day of reckoning for Social Security sooner. There is a Lasser Curve for income taxes, but I have never heard of one for Social Security.

Amazing number of protestors before the current military conflict began in Iraq that were arguing we should be dealing wit North Korea instead. Are they peace protestors or pro Iraq protestors? Is it not strange also that many of these protesters who can do so with out persecution in the USA don't seem to realize that in Iraq if they were protesting against government the things that would happen to them and their children like tongues cut out, sexual crimes, death. They are not being persecuted here, just may make sacrifices because others do not have to continue to financially support them by buying their CDs, shopping in their stores, etc, but it is not persecution. As long as they do their protests peacefully and do not disrupt others lives, they are entitled to protest and no penalty form our government.. I will defend their right to protest even though I may or may not agree with their argument. I fully understand that some are opposed, and understand some of their reasons. Life is just not usually a black and white issue with no gray. However remember we have a right that many do not and how we got it.

The current military conflict in Iraq is really a completion of Gulf War I. Saddam Hussein promised in 1991, in cease fire accords, to get rid of WMD and Scud missiles and similar weapons. He claimed through last month they were all gone, one of first missiles Iraq fired last week was a Scud.

WMD is usually Weapons of Mass Destruction, but could also be considered Weapons of Mass Disruption.

I was surprised to learn that we still occupy Germany since we have troops still there as part of our NATO obligation. If we are occupying them why could we not get government to go our way on this issue. Since we have base in Cuba, I guess we are occupying Cuba. We must have some lousy leaders for years that have had troops occupying nations such as Cuba and yet we thought Castro was opposed to us.

I see more and more signs that have major errors in them. I saw at a college in Georgia a few weeks ago a public banner telling people to get information about financial aid at www@collegename.org When did we start mixing web addresses and e-mail addresses. It just won't work.

Just thoughts to keep our brains busy.


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