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#88 Reason for season and celebration 12/27/2002

#88 Reason for season and celebration (Watt Thoughts)

Mime-Version 1.0 Content-Type text/plain; charset="us-ascii"; format=flowed Let me preface this thought with my apology that it did not go out sooner. As you read it you will understand why this is first e-mail I have sent since December 12, and keep in mind it was developed in my mind December 14-18.

It is once again the Christian Christmas season. A time for those of who are Christians to celebrate the birth of God's son, our savior, in this earthly world.

Is the time of the year that we celebrate Christ's birth significant? No! The Bible does not give us exact times of Jesus birth and death. However the Bible clearly tells us and God speaking to us today that it was a time of major celebration. If the heavens celebrated, then we should follow the example.

Was it December 25 that Christ was born? Maybe, maybe not. Was it in December? Was it in March or September? The Bible gives an indication of time of year, but is vague. It is clear though that it was a major heavenly celebration. Major star pointing, Huge angelic choirs singing, voices from God to common people. What a night of partying that was!

Is it significant to celebrate Christ's birth on the exact right date? No! We celebrate George Washington's birth on February 22, but is it right? That is not the day he was born on, but he chose to have it as his birthday when we changed calendars in his life.

Is it significant we celebrate my birthday on January 25th? No just that we annually celebrate I made it another year and am a year older.

How do we celebrate the Christ's birth? Lots of ways. By sending cards of celebration. By exchanging gifts in honor of God's gift of his son. By doing decorations that let others know we are followers, such as trees, hanging lights etc. For me sending cards, hanging lights an other decorations are an important outward symbol of my belief in Jesus. As those who knew me at Winthrop University in the 70's can tell you, hanging outside lights is an important part of that, from hanging lights in my dorm window then. Today I am more elaborate on my house.

Unfortunately this year the lights never got finished hanging on my house. After successfully passing the hardest computer class (Cisco 5) in Jacksonville, I slipped. On December 13 when I returned home from class I started hanging the lights. At about halfway I apparently fell with the ladder. Thanks to the cable people, I received assistance immediately and was flown to Augusta, where I was surgically put back together spent several nights in ICU and released. I have no memory of the fall, the ambulance. helicopter, I did break my arm, the eye socket, etc, but am now on the mend.

To Ken who tried to get me to walk across the bridge in Jacksonville, my fear of heights is real. I appreciate everything the cable people, Johnny Shuman and the EMTs did for me. It has been wonderful the calls, visits and cards I have received. Some of you are better friends than I had envisioned. The doctors say it will about 4 weeks until I can drive, but every indication is that I will be normal when I finish healing. Yes Shirley, Clay, Karen, and others they really do say I will be normal, even if it is a first

. I appreciate the prayers, visits, cards, food, and everything from everyone, although I have no recollection of the fall. but rest assured I am reminded every time I twitch a muscle or try to tun over. At this point I believe I am doing great for what I continue to learn that I went through. Keep me in your prayers. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and the new year is the brightest for all of us yet.

Christ lives!


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