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#87 Fall Football Fun 11/12/2002

#87 Fall Football Fun (Watt Thoughts)

It was a beautiful day for a football game. The leaves were bright yellow and orange and deep red. There was hardly a breeze in the air. Not a clear sky, but one that occasionally broke the bright sun.

The temperature was perfect, not to hot to sweat, just a touch cool as the sun started down that called for a windbreaker. Although early November the grass was still green, nature’s green all around, not a painted green. Sixty degrees the scoreboard said at the beginning and end of the game, but it was probably only right at the end. Felt more like 70 at the beginning.

The crowds were friendly. I walked in with a Furman fan who I agreed with that football is much more fun to watch in person than on TV at home. Leaving the game I had to agree with another fan that there are way too many bowl games today, and anyway I-AA has it right by winning championships on the field.

It was an exciting game. Way too many fumbles by both teams for dry mostly clear conditions. The teams fought hard and each won on the scoreboard a half, but in the end once again the polls were wrong and #9 beat #4 as Georgia Southern University won.

Go Eagles!


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