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#86 -≠ DC Area shootings 10/11/2002

#86 -≠ DC Area shootings

The shootings continue in the Washington DC area. To read the rumor sites on the Internet, you have to wonder who is doing this shooting and why. Also when you know people in that area and have relatives there, your concern about what is happening rises. Is it a member of one of the terrorist groups or is it a lone individual, or is it a person or group that is just got some issue they are upset about in DC?

Based on the information that has been released, it would be my guess that this is a single individual doing these killings. He could even be already taunting the police. The first thing that came to my mind on hearing these is that of the Atlanta Child Killings several years ago, and then how the one ultimately convicted for it, would taunt the police.. I would suspect based on the behavior that it is a middle-aged man who either hunts or is a marksman. He could be law enforcement or military or formerly in one of those. He definitely has some type mental illness and we will probably learn some type of voice told him when to shoot. I do not believe it is a terrorist as their mode of operation is to do large attacks or pick off people of influence. So far all of these seem to be average Americans doing their normal average American life. Although I do wonder if ol has something to do with it with gas stations being a popular target. Maybe something about price of gas or in this personís head that when we buy gas we are supporting the Arabs.

How should we react.? If you are in that area be alert, but be realistic. Look at the population and number people passing thru that area and consider your odds. I suspect the risks of driving on the road and dying in a wreck in that area is more risky, but we do it anyway. Donít let him stop your life. Keep alert otherwise, as these are not killings going on in our country. Remember the statistics show if you are murdered most likely will be by someone you know well, not a stranger. Although one was shot at school, I believe we need to be careful with the children and not frighten them. We are an outgoing society, which is one thing that makes us appealing to rest of world, and we donít need to frighten children into themselves.

The law enforcement authorities need our support in this case. Be alert and report items that may be of help. Keep in mind that this case may never be solved, although I hope and think it will be soon. If he is suffering from a mental illness like I think, then he could snap sane, and killings stop and no case ever made. More likely he will get bolder and sloppier, todayís case seems to fit the bolder, and he will get caught as the illness wears further. I do suspect though that he will not be caught alive, either he will commit suicide or will go down in a barrage of gunfire. Then we will never know why he did it unless he has left more written notes. Lastly the press needs to careful what they do publish. We all want to know everything, but they need to balance that against need of law enforcement to possible build a dialog or not let the shooter know they know certain things about him that are leading them closer to him.

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