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#80 Signs ­ Revelation of the real meaning 1/30/2002

#80 Signs ­ Revelation of the real meaning

If you were driving through Twin City Georgia on Tuesday January 29, 2002, you might have been surprised by what you saw on the sign of the Twin City First Baptist Church. The sign read
Methodist Church
1 Block“.

Depending on the way you read the sign and what your knowledge of events at the Twin City Baptist Church this week you probably could have ended up with three different meanings of the sign. Two of them would have been wrong and the third right, which only if you knew what was happening at the church would you have probably known. If you were passing thru town you would have guessed on of the first two an dif you were a Baptist, you were shocked, and if Methodist, celebrating.

The first guess you may have had about the sign was that the Baptists had a revelation and that the relation revealed to them that they were not following Jesus correctly and that the Methodists have it totally right. Possibly that the Baptists suddenly realized that sprinkling will also work for baptism.

Another guess you could have made form the sign was again that the Baptists had a revelation and that that had realized in that revelation that the Methodists have a church located one block down the street. Hopefully the Baptists don’t need a revelation to recognize this.

The third possible reason for the sign is the real one. A number of churches in Emanuel County were having a study on the Book of Revelation in the Bible and the Tuesday session was scheduled for the Baptist Church. However the church had to have a funeral Tuesday morning, so the study was moved to the Methodist Church. Yes the Baptists already know the Methodist Church is there, and no they did not up and decide they needed to be Methodists.

You need to be aware of what the signs are that you see, and what the contexts of them are. If you are the one putting up the sign, you might want to think of what the uninformed will read in the sign. If you watch signs as we pass them you can have humorous ones like this. Watch the signs as you pass through life today.


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