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#75 - Anthrax - Domestic or foreign terror? 10/23/2001

#75 - Anthrax - Domestic or foreign terror?

We have now had an anthrax attack hitting the United States for several weeks now. So far it has been limited to the east coast and only three people have died, although thousands have been exposed. This follows the World trade Center bombings and the beginning of our war on terror in Afghanistan. Who is doing the anthrax terror?

The anthrax attack could be conducted either by bin Ladan and his group, other foreign terrorists, or by terrorists within the United States. The first guess is that it is a continued part by bin Ladan or else by Iraq. However we must remember that this was our guess also when the Oklahoma city bombing occurred and then we were to learn that basically it was an individual United States citizen who did it, with a little help from his American friends.

If it was bin Ladan or the Taliban doing these anthrax attacks I believe they would be more widespread, and aimed at more than the current targets. Also they would be bragging on what they are doing. Watch the reports on what is supposed to be happening in Afganstan. Consider all the reports, not just our government to make sure you get a full and reasonably accurate picture. If Iraq was doing it, I think again the actions would be more boasted of. In addition in both cases the targets they have hit so far do not make sense.

So far we have had anthrax attacks by individual mail on America Media (publishers of such gossip papers as the National Enquirer, The Star, etc), the press in New York City, and on a leading Democrat Senator's office in Washington. Apparently it has also appeared in a sorting post office that sends mail to the White House, but no letter found yet, so no one knows how it got there.

I believe that this trail leads more likely to an individual or group of American citizens. I suspect when we find them that they will be a right leaning individualist group. Possibly a person similar to the Unabomber. As I see the attacks, they appear to be on groups that either have not been promoters of the far right calls or have continuously exposed various items about us. The purveyors probably see themselves as defending the US by shutting up the press that sometimes releases too much information in wartime. Often the Democrats are accused of the same.

Who could have produced the Anthrax? Obviously we consider Iraq capable of doig this. I really doubt that bin Ladan or the Taliban could have produced it, unless they bought it from someone, and if they had done that, it would have probably leaked by now. Many of these groups in the US could set up labs to produce it. We have all kinds of drug labs producing illegal drugs, so just another step for Anthrax. In addition there are plenty of people with plenty of education to help accomplish it. If in doubt, think Unabomber, and his intelligence an dedication level.

With prayers and hopes that the Anthrax scare is solved quickly and ends quickly,


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