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#72 ­ American Terrorism 9/17/2001

#72 ­ American Terrorism

Today the United States of America was hit by its worst terrorist attack ever. Possibly this was the single day that the most Americans ever died. Up to now basically to Americans terrorism was something that happened elsewhere, but not in America. Elsewhere could be other countries or fiction.

This attack had an uncanny resemblance to “Debt of Honor” by Tom Clancy. As more details come out it may even be closer, as we don’t know right now why they did it.

Americans responded well today. In New York people went to helping people, and many stepped forward. Across the country we are having reports of long lines of people giving blood. Unfortunately it appears, at the time I write this, that hundreds of firefighters and police lost their lives from this as a result of hem helping others, but we do not know how many lives they saved. There have been no reports of vandalism or rioting occurring in New York or anywhere else when this occurred. We have put our best face forward.

President Bush and Congress addressed us tonight. They presented a united front and demonstrated that these terrorists cannot stop the United States. Congress singing “God Bless America” was truly uplifting. They agreed that we must stop this from happening again.

The scary part with Congress was that all the members said they were fully united, but said it would take all day Wednesday to debate a resolution to attack the attack. Are they united? Does not sound it. Should be simple to propose this resolution and pas it and then start passing some real bills tomorrow that will aid in the attack against the perpetuator. Obviously Congress is a bunch of individuals and not a team. Again shows why it takes forever for Congress to do something.

President Bush said this is war. It is war, and nothing less will work. Why is it we have such a hard time declaring war on terrorism, but keep claiming we are fight a war on drugs, really terrorism also, which is half-hearted? This war needs to be not just directed at the head of the terrorist group, but his lieutenants also. If we only take him out, then others will move in. Also it needs to be against any government that allowed this group to exist, if a government did. Of course in the case of Afghanistan, that government may be gone any day based on reports from there tonight.

It is time to take action and be decisive. Bush can do it. I hope he is not distracted by the stock market and oil prices in the next few days. The stock market will fall and oil will rise until he shows these terrorists we mean business. Then the inverse will occur and people will be more comfortable. Whether other governments join in, action is required now.

My prayers are for the survivors today and for the families of those who died. Let each of us remember that we know not when our last breath will come, and to be ready to face eternity. We need to remember this was an attack on our freedoms. We must not give them up. The airport security checkpoints did not stop this. But then other than Tom Clancy, who would have thought of using commercial airlines to make a bomb. We need to close Reagan Airport as until we do, there is no way to defend DC against more of these attacks. These terrorists are not dumb, but life is not important to them. This will make the fight hard, but we can, we must, win.


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