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#71 - Blue lights - What do I do? 8/1/2001

#71 - Blue lights - What do I do?

In recent weeks there seems to again be more and more problems of actions people take when they see a police officer or see blue lights. In Cincinnati, Augusta, Swainsboro, and lots of other towns that could as easily be Macon, Elberton, etc. people seem to have forgotten or never learned certain behaviors that should occur when a blue light appears behind you or a peace officer is in front of you.

Everybody needs to learn once and again, that when you see flashing blue lights behind you, you pull over for the officers. You don't try to outrun them. You stop. The only exception to this rule of stop is if you are woman by yourself, and then you don't try to outrun them, you proceed cautiously to a well lighted occupied location and then stop. In this case not stopping may save your life, but note again, it is not making a high speed get away. Fleeing a blue light is a crime.

Whether you are DWB, DWW, or DWI this rule applies. If we will teach ourselves this and our children we can save countless possible life threatening situations. When you go to run, the officer can only assume that you have done something worse, and you get their adrenaline up. Lets learn once again to respect the law.

If a red light comes up on you, get out of the way. How often have you seen ambulances and fire trucks deterred by motorists refusing to move. If it is the life of me or my loved ones that is on the line, I want that emergency vehicle there as fast as possible. I assume the same for you. So the next time a vehicle with flashing red or blue lights approaches make sure there is a path for them. It might be you they are coming to help.

We have seen people point guns at the police and then get shot. That is the way it is. If you threaten a police officer with a knife or gun, then you run a real good chance of being shot. If it comes down to bringing you down or you bringing them down or innocents around them, then rest assured that you may rest forever. Let's teach ourselves and young people this important survival technique also. Don't point a gun at someone unless you intend to kill them, and if you do point it at them don't be shocked when they assume you are trying to kill them, and they shoot first. Actually this applies to any deadly weapon.

It is the police duty to stop crimes, and to help prevent us from hurting ourselves. Remember life is not a movie. We don't come back to life for the sequel. We only die once. High speed cases look fun in the movies, but in real life people get hurt and killed when leading a high speed chase. Don't do it. Do the simple things, stop for blue lights, get out of the way for emergency vehicles responding to emergencies, and don't threaten people with deadly force. These simple skills taught to all Americans could save a lot of lives.


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