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#69 -Looking forward and back 6/21/2001

#69 -Looking forward and back

After four years of teaching at the Elbert County Campus of Athens Technical College, I am changing positions and becoming the Chair of the IT Department at Heart of Georgia Technical College in Dublin in July.

The last four years in Elberton have truly been a growing experience and an enjoyable time.

I have watched the college campus grow from no students to the computer classes filling up in pre-registration and a student body that is now over 300 students. I have enjoyed working with the administration, faculty, staff and students there, and will truly miss seeing them each day. The faculty and staff has been the closest group overall that I have worked with and I have enjoyed our fun times also with retreats, lunches, parties, and camping. I look forward to more in the future.

I have watched Elberton and Elbert County grow in these four years. The downtown area has been revitalized, stores are filled on the square, new restaurants in downtown, and three new industries in the industrial park since I arrived. I sense even greater things in the future. Lake Russell offers many possibilities.

I have grown in knowledge, faith and new ventures here. I have had the opportunity to gain new certifications and knowledge in networking. To my students who continuously have challenged me to be my best I thank them. Also my colleagues at Athens Tech who have encouraged me. Hopefully I have passed on to my students much of this new information and have challenged them to life-long learning.

My faith has grown here. From listening to Wallace Wheeles on Sundays and at revivals, he has challenged me to think further in my Christian walk. Jack Jackson and Steve Fenlon have taught me things in the Bible that I never realized that I did not understand. Wednesday night Payer Meeting at First Baptist has truly been a growing experience. The friends that I made at the supper table there I will miss. I will truly miss hearing Bill's stories and political commentary each week. While here I had the opportunity to go Brazil on a mission trip and it truly reawakened in me the realization of how the Lord has blest out nation.

I did not just grow in computer knowledge, but developed a new hobby thru the Continuing Education program at Athens Tech. I am now doing stained glass and it is a lifelong hobby I look forward to. Makes a great break from computers. I would encourage others to take advantage of the continuing education offerings, and no telling what you may learn.

I wandered into a new venture here and hope I have challenged many with my writings that I began three plus years ago that I have called Watt Thoughts. Probably the best two articles I have written yet came from experiences here in Elberton. The first article was on the "Death of the Square?", and I am happy to see the city square even more alive today. My other favorite was the one I wrote from watching the reaction of the people of Elberton one early spring day when the circus train came thru.

Elbert County and Elberton have a bright future ahead. I hope that I can continue the friendships I made thru the college, the churches and Kiwanis in the years ahead. Where God leads us, we do not always know, but there is a purpose if we follow his call. I am leaving shutting no doors, but leaving them open, for only God knows what the future will bring.

My e-mail address at home will remain dwight-watt@att.net, but my work e-mail address will now be dwightw@hgtc.org


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