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#67 - Politics, Money, Jail and Copyrights 6/3/2001

#67 - Politics, Money, Jail and Copyrights

The following are short observations on a number of recent items in the news or should have been in the news.

The Republicans held a fund-raiser on the grounds and in the Vice President's residence last week. What is different about this than dialing for dollars from the oval office and renting the Lincoln bedroom out under the Democrats. Both are government owned facilities (owned by us, the citizens of the United States of America, both were raising funds for their parties. Bush and the Republicans need to explain to the public why they think it is legal and ethical, and also stop such items that are either unethical or look questionable. The Democrats need to also say why they have said nothing. Looks just as unethical and illegal to me as the Clinton administrations actions.More on this in a later article

Governor Roy Barnes is being promoted to run for Governor again in 2002 in Georgia or for President in 2004. Yet I hear no call in the state that he needs to resign because he can't devote his full energies to being Governor. He says he is not running for President, but he is appearing in national fund-raisers and writing articles in the New York Times. More than likely he will need to win re-election first. Yet his cohorts have been all over State School Superintendent Schrenko to resign because she has announced she is running for Governor. Why? Because if she is running for governor, she will not be able to do the job of Superintendent well. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Just for you non-Georgians information, Barnes is a Democrat and Schrenko is a Republican. If a person must resign from current office to run for another because they can't run and serve, why doesn't an incumbent have to resign to run for re-election. Appears to me to take same resources on both to serve and to run.

Darrel Strawberry has again demonstrated that if you have money and fame, the likelihood of you going to jail is slim or none. How many young men in the poor section of your town, would get an opportunity to go to a halfway house after being caught and convicted with cocaine and sometimes soliciting, instead of to jail? None, probably on the first offense, much less on each additional time of violation of the probation. Yet Strawberry does. Yes, I realize cocaine is a terribly additive drug. It is the worse additive that I have seen, but if jail is supposed to clean up the poor person, then it ought to be used on the famous also. At this point I think Strawberry thinks he is above the system, which probably only makes the addition easier to rule him.

I attended Microsoft Extreme on Saturday where they demonstrated Office XP, Windows XP and the XBox. There were some neat new items on each, but there was one interesting part of the demonstration. They demonstrated how with Windows XP it will be easy to record tracks off your CDs on the hard drive and to make new CDs. They used Janet Jackson's CD to show this. Microsoft has been a leading proponent of stopping software piracy and stating how many millions and billions they lose to piracy. Wonder what they would think if Janet Jackson at her next concerts gets up and explains to the audience how to copy Windows XP and to make additional CDs of it? I suspect they would be screaming foul, but yet they di the same thing to her.

Interesting sign in front of a business in Elberton last week. On one side it said they were serving "Stakes Friday night" and on the other side that they were serving "Steaks". Get the second if you order, or don't bother to buy toothpicks this week if you order the first.


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