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#52 - Many mansions? 10/19/2000

#52 - Many mansions?

"In my father's house are many mansions" John 14:2

Have you ever looked at this text from the new Testament of the Bible and thought about it? Depending on the translation either the words "many mansions" or "many rooms" is used. We normally think of this passage meaning that in heaven Jesus was saying there are places for all of us. Not cheap places, but places of honor for each of us.

This text suddenly had a different meaning to me the other day. Take a look around you and the world today. Look at the church buildings we have. We call them also houses of God.

There are many denominations out there. Each of them is building churches. You can probably think of at least several churches within one mile of where you sit now. Some are plain, but many are fancy. Look at many of these churches and the wealth inside of them.

Many of these churches in the United States today would make Solomon's temple look shabby. Look at the stained glass, the fixtures, the size, etc. Often the church may be the nicest building in town.

Was this what Jesus was seeing? Places of worship that are mansions? Houses of God that are mansions? Are we really trying to house God in a nice dwelling?

Clearly it was heaven that Jesus was talking about, and trying to convey to his followers, and us, that things will be on a level that will be great. However we need to stop and think. Have we attempted to make a heaven on earth for God in dwellings, i.e. churches? Have we tried to put him in fancy buildings to keep him out of our everyday lives? Was Jesus also seeing where we would build lots of fancy buildings for God, but like in his time, not always allowing him to live in the humble dwellings that he wants to live in, in our hearts and minds?


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