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#49 - Signs, signs, but I don't understand 8/18/2000

#49 - Signs, signs, but I don't understand.

As I travel throughout I run into lots of signs. Signs are put up to convey a message to us. Some catch my eye for their graphics. Some convey text messages strongly. Then there are the signs I am get confused on. The spelling for the following signs is at it was on the sign.

Sign in Bojangles in Elberton Georgia, "No $50s or $100s excepted before 9AM". How do they do that after 9AM? You have to watch your spelling. I stood there and read the sign several times trying to figure it out until I listened to myself saying it.

Sign at Circle K in Elberton on the self-service diesel pump, "Truckers- For Saftey Reasons Do Not Leave Your Truck". This sign has been there several years. What is a saftey? If the trucker is not to leave their truck, how do they pay for their diesel fuel?

Sign on Georgia highway 88 at intersection of Georgia highways 296 and 88 near Stapleton beside the construction building two more lanes on highway 88, " Widening Project Planned. DOT will hold hearings…". Little late for the hearings isn't it? Or is 4 lanes on a rural highway not enough. The intersection has a 4 way stop. Maybe they are planning a cloverleaf interchange?

The Braille signs on the drive-up ATM terminals at the banks. They are on the driver side and some of the driveways have signs saying that only vehicles allowed, no pedestrians. What is the sight of the drivers around here. (scary thought). Are the reflectors in the road actually for these drivers to stay in their lane? Only person in vehicle who could use the Braille is passenger in back seat on left side.

Sign I used to see in the 1980s near Greenville SC, "Future Sight of ______ Baptist Church". I guess that was true, but did they mean site or is their sight or vision narrow? I really thought future sight of churches was heaven.

Just some things for you to ponder.


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