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#47 - Challenging your mind 7/7/2000

#47 - Challenging your mind

Today is the information age. We have more books, magazines, etc, available for information and all the on-line resources. What writers have inspired you or do you enjoy reading? What type books do you read? How do you challenge your mind?

I have read some of a variety of books over the years from across the gamut of types. Books I have read are historical novels, history, political, computer, romance, detective, adult action, religious, etc, I have developed over time some favorite authors.

Some authors have influenced my writing. Dr. Ken Matthews, my dissertation advisor, taught me grammar that I somehow missed learning in school. Bill Rogers, Sr. who used to write for the "Blade" in Swainsboro Georgia, showed through his writing that the style can be simple, but yet deliver powerful messages. Gary Shelly and Tom Cashman have shown in their computer books that a complex subject can be presented where the novice can learn and also find easy to read.

What are the books II enjoy reading? James Michener has been a favorite of mine for a long time back to his Kent State book. Most of his books are long, approaching a thousand pages, but he always built a wonderful story. How you can stretch a story over thousands of years or even millions still amazes me.

Webb Garrison writes books made mostly of short stories of historical events, particularly the Civil War. However he keeps them interesting and it is amazing what a history minor can learn. He has numerous books on the Civil War and other American historical events.

A new author I have recently enjoyed reading is Steve Brown. He has published three books that are all fiction, but each totally different. Each book has been difficult to lie down and easy to picture the story. Of Love and War is about people around Pearl Harbor. Black Fire is about church burnings now and relates them back to the Civil War in a unique literary approach. Color Her Dead is a mystery story with Susan Chase a lifeguard at Myrtle Beach as a detective. In all three books I could see the characters and events. He is working on sequels or prequels to all three.

Not only do I read books, but newspaper columns also. So who do I like the best today? Bill Shipp reports great on Georgia politics. Andy Rooney is interesting to read in how he can find humor in the oddest places, and also how he writes just like he talks. Carl Rowan always presents an interesting perspective on events and challenges me to think. Although I do not always agree with him, I find he challenges me about things on the American scene.

Keep you mind open. Read those you agree with and those that you don't agree with. Life is growing, and we should also keep our mind growing.


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