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#43 - Gore-McCain - The perfect ticket? 5/9/2000

#43 - Gore-McCain - The perfect ticket?

Throughout the primary season we heard some regular comments. Gore continuously tried to make himself more important than he is and McCain presented himself as the politician who would never lie to us.

Gore, who as vice president, should not have to exaggerate his experience seemed to do that quite often. Serving in the number two position in the government and meeting weekly with the president, most would consider him quite powerful. However as the campaign went by he came out with claims that he invented the Internet (actually created in 1969 when his dad was senator), that Love Story was about him and Tipper, advocating new campaign finance laws.

McCain appeared on the scene, and was celebrated by the press as a fresh clean face. He proceeded to campaign on the platform that he is a new kind of politician, one that does not lie, and wants new campaign finance laws. McCain finished his speeches with the comment that he would never lie to us, and called his bus the Straight Talk express. In South Carolina he repeatedly said he had no opinion on the flag issue and that it was a local issue, just as Bush also said. After losing the primary, he and his workers gripped about the stories Bush had told to win. What McCain failed to mention was the story he told in his effort to win. Now he comes back after losing and says he must get it off his chest that he really wants the flag down, but told the other story because he thought he might lose if he told the truth. So now how do we know when the man who would never lie is telling the truth?

Both Gore and McCain carried on about how they want campaign fundraising laws changed because to many things can happen legally with the current laws. What neither wanted you to know was that in previous years little things like laws on fundraising did not stop them.

Gore has gotten in trouble , accusations of him and convictions of colleagues, for 1996 campaign activities. He raised funds from government offices and did that funny fundraiser at a Buddhist monastery of the monks pledged to poverty.

McCain go in trouble in the 1980s in the Keating scandal. He was one of the members of Congress paid by Keating to help Keating save his Savings and Loan. Of course McCain would rather you not know that.

So really it looks like Gore and McCain are two peas in the same pod. Maybe the dream ticket in 2000 is Gore-McCain.


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