Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #425 12/25/2022

#425 - Nancy Pelosi(Watt Thoughts)

This is a different article from me that will have my various friends on all sides trying to figure who I am.

I have an admiration for how Nancy Pelosi has done in her job this fall and previously as speaker of House and her party moving from majority party to minority party. I often do not agree with Nancy Pelosi on political issues, this is where I do agree.

Although both times this has happened to her as Speaker of the House twice, Nancy Pelosi has remembered why she was elected and reelected numerous times to Congress. She was not elected by her constituents to be the Speaker of the House, but to represent them in the law making of the USA government. She has chosen both times to stay in Congress and do the specific job the people in San Francisco elected her to do.

Too often we see a representative or senator (or even a governor) or other people that had achieved other ranking within the group they are serving with no longer be their position and they proceed to quit, several times before even beginning to serve the new term. We have seen other speakers of the House either no longer in majority and thereby lose position or in the bi-annual election in the House lose the support of party, and not just no longer server as Speaker, but take their marbles and go home pouting and leave their constituents with no representation for a period of time and when new selected with none of seniority and power behind the scenes,.

In both cases Nancy chose to continue to serve her constituents in the house, the first time as minority leader of House and this time stepping aside from leadership roles to let new faces experience leadership, but her still there for her constituents and to provide experience and support for the new leadership.

Too often in this world today we see people lose a higher position and totally quit when could still lead. John Quincy Adams after he lost re-election as President ran and served many years in the House of Representatives. Mitt Romney lost the election to Obama but now serves in the Senate and continues to serve America. Sarah Palin was a disappointment to me when she quit as governor after loss as VP, but she did re-appear this year and try to go to serve in the House.



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