Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #423 10/1/2022

#423 - Governor(Watt Thoughts)

Some of you already know this but as of today (October 1, 2022) I became governor of the Kentucky-Tennessee District of Kiwanis. This is a culmination of about 5 years preparing. In 2016-17 I served as Lt Governor for division 3. I ran for vice governor in 2018 but lost, which may have been good as I would have been governor in pandemic, but who knows what happens now) and then ran again in 2020 and won. It is a three year process and you serve as vice governor, governor elect (done both), governor and immediate past governor.

If you are going Dwight lives and works in Georgia why is he governor somewhere else. As I like to tell people Kiwanis are geographically challenged. The two clubs I belong to are in Georgia and one is in Georgia district but the Fort Oglethorpe Kiwanis are by state line and were made by Chattanooga club over 60 years ago so put in same district. There are a couple other clubs the same way. There are also a coupe clubs in Virginia in my district, and I did grow up in Virginia and I have taught part time a few times in last couple years for Chattanooga Sate at campus in central time zone.

I have been in Kiwanis since 1995 when I aged out of the Jaycees. I have belonged to four clubs and still in two (and active in both) in Fort Oglethorpe and Swainsboro. I previously along way belonged to the Elberton Kiwanis and a club in Columbia SC of young professionals. I am still active with the gun safety program from Daisy Outdoor products I was real active in thought the Jaycees and 4H. I do the web site for the national air gun championships they do each summer.

It will be a busy year and I will be on the road a lot and I started today with 866,021 miles on my 2001 Saturn. Will see what next year.

My theme for the year is "Investing in Service".

So now I am an ambassador and a governor. I am an ambassador for two chamber of commerces in NW Georgia. (don't worry nether is big politically so I am still same guy).

Wave if you pass me on road or maybe we can catch a meal some where. I am still teaching full time.



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