Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #419 2/28/2022

#419 - Notes and observations(Watt Thoughts)

Some things I have observed recently.

Now you will be able to drink a Pepsi that either looks like a beer or a Starbucks coffee. Not seen yet, but due out in month. I will try. I am not a Pepsi person and making smoother does not sound appealing, but maybe. That is how i view Pepsi now vs coke is that Pepsi is smoother. I just hope God serves Cokes and not just Pepsi in heaven.

The Coke space flavored is horrible. Any of you that have been to World of Coke and tried Beverly it is just a little better. I t6hink it has some cinnamon in it. I got one Friday and drank on road on weekend. The taste hits roof of mouth and when swallow all taste and liquid feel gone. Weird. It resembles something else, but I cannot recall what. They sold me one and only one. They say the taste is out of the world and I agree, but not in positive way.

Quality Inn has confused me a number of years with their logo. The name says quality, but the logo says they don't have enough quality to get a complete Q on their logo. I am glad to notice recently that they have changed the logo (not changed everywhere yet) to now has a full Q. Otherwise same as before. I now have a more positive opinion of their quality based on logo. I have stayed in several the last few years and have always been satisfied, but logo was a disappointment.

The congressperson in NW Georgia where I work is Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is in her freshman term and in the news a lot, has started putting out her campaign signs. I am inclined to think God is only reading the top and granting her wish. Her campaign signs say "Flood the Polls" with her name and Congress below. Since they started appearing we have had tons of rain with water standing everywhere. She may be achieving the Flood, but not in the way intended. In the run off election a little over a year ago the Republicans would have won in Georgia if they had followed that slogan.

I have noticed a display outside of Walmart Optical Centers that says in big letters "Be Yourself" then below it says "wear Elton John glasses". If I am being myself would I not be wearing other people's signature products? I will grant Elton John does wear some interesting glasses.



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