Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #416 12/12/2021

#416 - Constitution instead of split(Watt Thoughts)

I am regularly reading for several years now of people from red and blue sides advocating splitting the United States of America into two countries and each claiming how their side would get all the benefits and the other side would have an impossibility to survive.

As I have looked at the things continuously being raised (and both sides almost always raise the same issues, just a different view on the issue), I am reminded of a set of paper at the National Archives in Washington DC. It presents a way for the states in the USA to have different positions on lots of issues. As opposed to most countries of the world it is not granting all powers to the central government, but only grants specific powers to the central government.

For too long now we have adopted an attitude in the USA that any problems that may occur it is Washington, DCs problem to fix. One of the items long celebrated in our country is the ability for people to have many different opinions but to work together. That does not mean we will all have agreement or consensus but we unite in beliefs of freedoms.

Most of the issues today could be much better handled on the state level. Should the government control this item or that item. Unless it is an item specifically listed in the Constitution (that set of papers in the National Archives) to be done by the federal government, the Constitution also states that otherwise the powers go to states and individuals. WE discovered in the early 20th century that national prohibition did not work. FDR discovered it was not a wise idea to bar women married to federal civil servants to be barred from federal employment (ER took him over hot coals for that), in the late 20th century Carter learned a mandatory national speed limit was not wise, if you have not been in western Texas, New Mexico and Arizona visit and notice the 80+ speed limits.

Let the states set the polices and rules on things not delegated to the federal government. Those state that agree on an issue can work together and form compacts between themselves to achie the issues where working in group is better.

The problem that will occur is that although the media likes claiming certain states like New York, California and Illinois are all liberal and certain states like Georgia, Virginia and others all conservative, in reality there are large areas in each state on each side of issues. Which is where those that say take the blue states and form a new country would have a problem as the conservative parts of states would not be happy and they would find themselves in same spot as now, then.

I think it would benefit everyone to go back and take a class (read about it or attend one of free ones online) about the Constitution and to read it. I have taken several free ones and if you know some good free ones let me know as it is interesting learning more on history of it and what in it from variety of people.



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