Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #415 11/25/2021

#415 - Happy Thanksgiving!(Watt Thoughts)

Let us be thankful for what all we have and received this year today. It has been another challenging year with Covid still very much in our midst and affecting things that can be done. There have been challenges as people have tried to change ways of our governance in the United States and how we live. Let us be thankful that we are able to more openly debate changes and to work for ways better, although some forget where debate and peaceful protest end and go over the lines. Hopefully we can continue to make our country and world better while defending everyone's rights and welcoming new and different ideas.

Hope you have a safe and happy day and that all can enjoy a little more peaceful day (for those who serve as first responders, military, etc., this may be hard, but I hope at least a little respite today and know that we all know you are critical to society.) Hope you have a good meal and that all goes well today.

The shelves at the grocery sores are not as well stocked now, but let us be thankful we have what we do and that the farmers and producers are still producing for us.

Do a little something always at least to help others in need to make their lives better.



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