Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #411 7/26/2021

#411 - Savannah and masks (Watt Thoughts)

Savannah has put rule back in that requires masks to be worn by anyone around non immediate family indoors. It applies to vaccinated and unvaccinated. Mayor said as he announced he was making rule it was unfair to vaccinated but since only 40% of people in Savannah vaccinated (and thereby a minority, his words) all had to wear mask, that all need vaccinated. Apparently he does not know people younger than 12 cannot be vaccinated and if 40+% of population is vaccinated that means over 50% of those eligible are vaccinated and there is also a large number who had it and have some immunity. Apparently mayor has no idea of carrots and that using this approach will keep unvaccinated from being vaccinated as no incentive to be vaccinated such as not wearing masks and that he is backing stories of some unvaccinated that it is worthless.

If you have been vaccinated and want to wear masks as you think you need protection or that you think the virus will get in you and you can spread it, that is fully your option always. During flu seasons and other times always some wearing masks. At one time when I got pneumonia several times and i thought came from grass and dirt while cutting grass I wore a mask while cutting grass. Seemed to not affect so I quit and and do not appear harmed in future years.

The science needs to get consistent on how well and does the vaccines protect and is it prevent the virus (what vaccines normally do) or just keeps us from being as sick and dying (a number who got virus before vaccines this was case anyway) or does it protect us giving to others. These varying reports from CDC, White House, Fauci, professional doctor associations, etc. are confusing. Makes easy for "conspiracy theories".

I have been vaccinated (both shots) and have encouraged others (even taking several to get the vaccine) to be vaccinated. It has been nice to not need to wear mask, although I still have masks in car and office.



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