Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #401 12/10/2020

#401 - The virus: Biden and science questions (Watt Thoughts)

We heard all summer all fall to now that Biden will handle the Covid virus pandemic major differently than Trump and that he will follow the science. The question now is what is that?

To start off with we are not sure what Biden will do. During the summer he said he was going to put a national mandate in the day he takes office to require everyone in America to wear masks. Question on that is when and where. He often takes mask off to speak. Will others be allowed? Will we be required to wear masks when riding bicycles and exercising outdoors when not close to others? California has put that in some places. The about the convention Biden changed his story and said he would encourage all to wear masks, encourage all governors and mayors to put mask rules in place and that he can not put a mask requirement in nationally as not permitted by the Constitution. Now we hear his mask mandate will apply to federal buildings and land and interstate commerce for 100 days. What that means on land and interstate commerce who knows yet.

Biden has appointed his Coronavirus task force to tell him what the science is so he can follow the science. To hear the stories in the min st! ream press the science is clear on what to do. Apparently the scientists and medical people on the task force did not get the message. Immediately one member announced he would have the country put in a 30-90 day lock-down and gave no idea how people that live pay check to pay check (probably a majority or at least close to it) would exist that long and how would deal with mental health issues from it etc. Dr. Fauci announced all fall and still does that a national lock-down would not help and would create other problems and do not do and is considered by many as virus expert. He said limited lock-downs for short times in hot spots can help. Others on the task force immediately came out and said a national lock-down is not under consideration and that they would not recommend to Biden to try to do one. So does science tell Biden do national lock-down or not?

We now have at least two approved vaccines that are now being used in USA and Great Britain. They are saying now it will be June before enough Americans vaccinated to stop it, but will it be quicker. Reading news magazines from last spring I see reports trough last May saying a vaccine could not be approve before at least May 2021. Questions do still need answered on how long it is effective and what is effect on those who already had virus, which would be a reason for Trump to not jump to front of line like president-elect and past presidents, although not seen if Carter will get immediately.

Hopefully we get it under complete control quickly (including eliminating) and are able to move back to a more normal world so we can do things like before and that we prepare for another virus but realize that building hospitals to handle situations like this means we have large space unus! ed normally and have to have way to pay for that and to store and keep current the PPE equipment, ventilators, etc.



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