Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #397 10/31/2020

#397 - Europe gets worse again in Pandemic and says lockdowns (Watt Thoughts)

I thought about naming this "Listening to science?".

Limiting group sizes and shutting down bars (that are not restaurants, in which case require just seated customers, appears to be better ways to control and where outbreaks (which to me is more than two infections in any size group, be it tens or thousands, but that is what CDC defines) and least impact on economy although bad impact on them. Keep the social distance rules and the seating number limits and distances. We have made great progress on this over the last six months and many restaurants where permitted still are not allowing indoor eating. NYC still bans that, although with cold weather will be harder to justify.

I thought all claims are we should be listening to science and medicine to control COVID. Dr. Fauci keeps saying lockdown is not something he recommends or wants in the USA again. WHO director says lockdowns need to be very controlled and limited and nothing like spring. So what is Europe and England doing, lockdowns.

Look at the last two paragraphs at https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/31/europe/uk-lockdown-coronavirus-europe-intl/index.html

This is the last few paragraphs

"During a meeting with European Health Ministers, Kluge said hospitalizations had risen to "levels unseen since the spring," with deaths rising by 32% across the region last week.

"Europe is at the epicenter of this pandemic once again," Kluge said.

"At the risk of sounding alarmist, I must express our very real concern and convey our steadfast commitment to stand beside you and support you as best we can."

Kluge said lockdowns "need not mean what they meant in March or April" and that indirect economic impacts must be considered.

But for much of Europe, this new phase of lockdown looks set to be even harder than what came before."

New York state with its 3 day mandatory quarantine on USA citizens visiting (and can be 10 day if refuse testing) which they announced Friday (except on NJ and CT) appears to me to violate the USA Constitution on interstate commerce. The constitution applies in good times and bad times, during wars, economic downturns, riots, elections, protests, fear of communists, when everything is great, etc.



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