Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #393 8/19/2020

#393 - Positivity rate (Watt Thoughts)

They keep saying positivity rates should be below 10% and that it is a strong indicator or infections. I am confused by that. All it shows is that of those tested that percentage were positive. Back in March and April in Georgia when that rate was 17% I kept saying that number seems low because the only people at that time getting tested were those that two medical people had said they thought they had Covid. If 2 medical people said you look like have it and positivity rate is only 17% it sounds like medical people do not know how it appears. Now others are getting tested that think they might or that they may have been exposed, but it is not universal testing like experts seem to think and that everyone gets tested every week. In actuality I suspect majority of population has never been tested. Medical people probably tested regularly and those that test positive have to get tested at least twice later to meet CDC guidelines (which my college is using) to be able to go back to work as they need two negatives. So unless positivity rate is zero (then strong indication no one has Covid). With the current test I do not see people wanting test unless have to and it is free I think at public sites, but I know walk-in clinic here advertises they charge $175 if not insured so why test if not real suspicious you have and they really have no treatment if you do. Knowing what percentage of breath analyzers given in a week that show person as drunk does not tell me how many people drink or how many people are driving impaired by alcohol.



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