Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #391 7/24/2020

#391 - Virus observations(Watt Thoughts)

Observations on virus and reactions by people to it. It is real but all these different stories on it make it hard for people who are listening, to know what is real.

It appears that no matter what you do you may temporarily bring numbers down but when people can get back out (and they need to to make money to pay food, rent, etc, as they have to be able to do those things or we will literally have people starving big time on streets) that virus takes off. Waiting to see what virus does as fall and winter hit. If you think back the rapid growth started in late March (early spring not February). Also as protests have slowed in USA see whether start decline. Then mask confusion, don't wear, wear covering for your protection, now wont help you but wear face covering to protect others. Now major stores requiring wearing to enter (Walmart is giving mask if you do not have one). Is it 3 ft or 6 ft or 27 ft is social distancing? I do wear mask when around others indoors and try to keep a 6 ft distance with no mask. Yesterday CDC reported the virus had mutated and is not a deadly now (kills host, kills self) but more contagious. And is it 7, 10 or 24 times as many people have had it as got diagnosed? CDC and WHO keep changing and depending on which we may be moving to herd immunity in early fall.

Belgium, I read article at CNN earlier today has a major spike with like 80 times as many cases in the last week.

Link to CNN article



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