Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #387 4/24/2020

#387 - Futurists(Watt Thoughts)

I keep getting ads telling me George Gilder is the most amazing Technology prophet and that he has a great new prediction. I then start reading their ad and this is what it says about him.
"“This tiny piece of plastic will transform our world forever, Mr. President”
The idea George Gilder proposed as he handed Ronald Reagan one of the first silicon microchips was an impossible one.

At the time, most people said he was crazy. Computers didn’t even exist…

But today we know that George’s prediction came true- in explosive fashion.

The microchip has gone on to generate trillions in profits and power the greatest economic explosion in the history of the human race." https://www.georgegilderinternetreboot2020.com/

I do not understand how computers did not exist prior to this when Reagan became president in 1981 and I took my first computer class in high school in 1972-73, I essentially majored in computers in college in 1974-79 taking about 10 computer classes in my BA and MBA degrees and I had a full time job teaching about computers in 1979-1980 including using an Apple II and a Radio Shack computer in my classes and in 1981 and Bill Gates and Paul Allen had been writing software fro several years in Albuquerque for the Altair PC developed by Ed Roberts in 1974. Anyone knew in 1981 that followed news knew in 1981 the personal computer had arrived, and the computer goes back the ABC computer created in the 1930s and he was a visionary after 1981 to tell Reagan computers were coming?

Always question anyone who says they are a futurist, and see if they really did see future. In this case I am not going to read on to see what prediction is as it is probably that classes will start being taught online or that people will have phones or watches that can be used to look at web pages.



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