Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #383 4/16/2020

#383 - Rights vs safety as American citizens (Watt Thoughts)

They are now arresting a few people on violations of governor imposed declarations of Shelter in Place. Apparently mainly they tell groups that they are not allowed to have over the limit (seems to be 10 in most states) and if group breaks up, no problem. These can be backyard BBQs, groups hanging out, groups gathered in park, etc. If they break up and they also follow the six foot rule usually they are ok. Churches vary by state order. In Georgia almost all churches comply and either doing just online or having drive-in or cancelling services. One small church has been in he news and several people cited for violation as they were too close together and police urged them to move outside.

Is this a violation of our Constitutional rights, and freedoms. I realize the intent is to make us safe, but have we given freedoms up to Democratic and Republican governors? And we have people like Bill Gates and others (particularly Democratic leaders, although some Republicans are included) been pushing for Trump to shut down the whole USA and allow no one to leave home for two weeks which he has not done. If he did announce that (and I oppose if he does) numerous people would go hungry and starve (literally). Notice the ones who push this are not living paycheck to paycheck and have millions of dollars in worth. They are not the working Americans (the ones on front lines now facing virus as cleaners, trash pickup, clerks at stores, stockers, health care people, truckers, etc.) but ones often living in gated houses and often in gated communities and more food on-hand than just what needed tonight or the next few days or needing to live on fast food.

Do we Americans want the freedom to travel and congregate taken from us? What happens in the next energy crunch (such as a oil embargo) or major winter storm or electrical grid failure or whatever?



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