Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #382 4/10/2020

#382 - Phishing emails (Watt Thoughts)

Be real careful about any emails you get now from places you do not know or places that the email is strange. I just got an email from Comfort Inn in Bentonville AR that says they have just made an ACH refund to me and no details in email. Yes I go to Bentonville once a year for BB match but do not thin I have ever stayed at Comfort Inn there and at least not for several years, so why a refund. Has a "pdf" attachment that supposedly tells details. I will not click on link as it most likely is either a phishing thing or it could load and run ransomware on my machine.

Be careful now on these as more of us are buying online and also buying more online so more packages expecting. Instead of clicking on links in emails, go to the site where ordered and track through there or if was shipped by USPS then go to their site and track off the web site.

The bad threat agents see this stay at home orders as great for more opportunities to get people's money. Be careful. This goes for any of your email accounts, work or home. Let the Internet be good to you now as a way to stay connected safely and not a way to get hurt bad.

I hope you are all well and safe. Hopefully we can have a cure for the problems of this virus quickly along with a vaccine and get back to normal lives and see each other again.

Follow-up: The company did call me later that day that the name of company was shown as sender and email address in the email and they told me it was a phishing email sent from their server and apologized for me getting. No other explanation was given, and I did not ask any questions.



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