Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #375 11/22/2019

#375 - Warning about Microsoft update email(Watt Thoughts)

If you get an email that looks like it is from Microsoft saying there is an important update to Windows and to click the link for the important update DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. CLOSE THE EMAIL immediately.

The email is not from Microsoft and the link when clicked will install malware on your PC and it contains ransom ware is what all the technical news sites are reporting. This will in turn basically make everything on your PC unavailable and there basically is no way to undo the encryption.

Microsoft will not send out updates for Windows and it's other products via email. Microsoft releases and installs its updates thru the Update feature you can access thru control Panel or by searching for update in the Start search box. Microsoft may write and say their are critical updates but you will need to go to Updates in Windows to download and install. On most Windows 10 machines Updates is set to run automatically to keep your machine updated.

This warning is similar to warnings that banks and other financial institutions will not call or email you to get your password.



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